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A Christian Musical Experience

Lary Cozzolino - Drums, Vocals

Lary was born and raised in the same town he is currently living in on Long Island, NY. Starting at the age of 10 through his late teens, Lary played the drums and sang his way through many bands including a wide variety of genre. When he was 15 he was with a band called Jeoffrey Muddpuppy along with friend and current Eyewitness band mate, Frank Caliendo. Lary's great love for music was always evident in his life along with his greatest treasures - a marriage to his loving wife Mary and children Lary, Lee and Daniel.

"Praise God... it was accomplished. God's greatest gifts to me!"

"Eyewitness is an outlet for his passions "to let people know about Jesus, and His saving grace was sufficient for thee."

Frank Caliendo - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Frank was born and raised in Jamaica, Queens, NY attended St. Pius V Catholic School until 7th Grade. He then moved to Long Island where he currently resides with his loving wife Josephine and two beautiful children Michael and Nicole.

Frank started playing the guitar at the age of nine. He was a member of many rock and roll bands but the one that brings most memories was "Jeoffrey Muddpuppy" with childhood friend and current drummer for Eyewitness, Lary Cozzolino. He accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior in 1986. It was at that time that he decided to use his God-given talents to play music for the Lord.

Frank says, "The birth of Eyewitness was an answer to a prayer that was heavy on my heart -- to be a member of a band that says the Lord".

John Riolo - Keyboards, Vocals

John works full time as Music Coordinator for New Horizon Counseling Center. Here he uses music to enhance the lives of those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. He has also been teaching private music lessons for over 40 years. From 1997-2007 he owned and managed “Do It Up Performing Arts Studio”, a storefront music school in Merrick. He currently has about a dozen private students and teaches many instruments! John takes special pride in the success he has had with children and adults with special needs.  

Since 1997 John has been vice president of Christian Music Ministry of America as well as keyboard player for "Peter Stanganelli and Rapture". John also currently plays for two churches every weekend and has led other music ministries for churches in Queens. Even with all that going on, in 2015 Eyewitness was in need of a keyboard player. John could not resist being a part of this special Christian musical experience.

Duncan - Bass Guitar, Vocals

Duncan was born and raised in Japan. The child of missionary parents, he moved to the US for college and split his time between the east and west coasts before settling in Queens/Long Island in 1995. He now resides in Mount Pocono, PA since 2022.

         Although Duncan was raised the child of missionary parents, he was 35 years of age when he accepted the atoning work of Jesus Christ and committed his life to the Lord. A musician by vocation or avocation since a teenager, Duncan played with bands in both Seattle and New York, playing clubs in Pioneer Square and the East Village before pledging his musical gifts only in the service of spreading the gospel once he was saved. Since then Duncan has led worship and played on worship teams when not involved in youth or other ministries. Husband to his best friend, father to eight children as well as five children-in-law and grandfather to ten, family is Duncan's first ministry. He is blessed that the Lord multiplies his time like the loaves and the fish so that he can focus also on the ministry of Eyewitness.

Tara Michele Howard - Vocals

Tara was born and raised on the upper east side NYC-Harlem in the early 60s. She was exposed to music at an early age by her mother who was a gospel singer, and her father, a minister and member of a gospel quartet group. Tara sang in church choirs starting at the age of 5 and solos in her teen years. Tara’s love for music vocalization continued when she attended Hunter College High School and participated in Junior & Senior chorus and concerts. In college at Adelphi University, Tara reorganized and directed the college gospel choir; she was asked to sing the National Anthem at graduation.

Tara has also sung in various community choirs: Bronx Mass Choir, Keith Branch & the Branch Singers, Divine Voices, to name a few, over the years. Tara currently attends Living Faith Christian Church in Farmingdale where she continues to give God praise and worship as a member and soloist of the choir and praise team.

Tara has lived in Long Island for the past 8 years. Her son Terence will be starting medical school in August.

“Being a part of Eyewitness is a dream come true. I always wanted to be a part of a Christian band at this time in my life. I have a song to sing that’s in my heart. I’m thankful for this group of talented people who choose to use their gifts to the glory of God”.

Josie Mescallado - Vocals

Josie joined Eyewitness in 2021.   

Jimi ChahalisDrums

Jimi joined Eyewitness in 2022.

Steven Ciatto - Audio Engineer

I started working with Eyewitness in 2008 as a sound engineer. My job was to basically make them sound better by sound engineering the concerts. I never really considered myself as a band member. I always felt like I was there just to do a job. At the end of every concert I felt like "hey that was cool", and wondered when they would need me next. One day Larry called me up and asked me, " would you like to sound engineer a retreat that the Eyewitness band was asked to do?" At first I thought to myself, "wow this is getting a little deep." I always thought of myself as just the sound engineer that came in to do sound for concerts. So I said, "hey why not." Up until that retreat I never really knew the band members as I know them now. During that retreat I felt so spiritually moved by them and the whole experience of the retreat. At the end of the retreat I turned and asked Larry if it would be okay for me to come to some of the rehearsals. He said yes.

At my first rehearsal with the Eyewitness band, I explained to all the band members how spiritually moved I was with the band and the experience of the retreat. It was this retreat that made me realize that this band was not just a band but a ministry. That is when I knew that I was here to stay because I wanted to be an Eyewitness to Christ. Over the years I've gotten to know each and every one of the musicians. Some people may think that that is not important for a Sound Engineer but it really makes a difference when I sound engineering the band. Because of this relationship that I have with the band, I truly feel like a band member that is helping to bring Christ into people's lives through our music.

John Silvio - Electric/Rhythm Guitar (Founding Member of Eyewitness - Retired in 2016)

John was born in Brooklyn, NY and grew up in Queens, NY. After he graduated from Thomas Edison High School he joined the US Navy. A year after his tour of military duty he married Cathy and raised a family with two sons Salvatore and Joseph.

John came to know the Lord in 1986 and felt a calling to learn to play the guitar which he taught himself with the help of God and many hours of practice and encouragement from his wife and pastor.

Currently residing in Myrtle Beach, SC.